Budweiser.ca Free Blue Jays Hoodie & Apparel Giveaway

Budweiser Canada Giveaways 2021

Budweiser Blue jays Hoodie promotion, Claim your bonus gift at www.budweiser.ca/BlueJaysHoodie

Budweiser Canada has a new freebie for you!

Pick up a case of Budweiser or Bud Light at your local Beer Store or participating grocery chains

and redeem your Pin codes found inside for a free Toronto Blue Jays Apparel item.

Budweiser.ca Blue Hoodies Giveaway 2021

Budweiser Giveaway Prizes

This month Budweiser Canada is giving away three Toronto Blue Jays apparel prizes.

For each code you have the choice of one of the following:

Ontatio residentts may choose one of 2 Blue Jays Hoodies

  1. Blue Jays t-shirt
  2. Blue Jays Hoodie
  3. Blue Jays Baseball Cap

Budweiser.ca/BlueJaysHoodie Promotion Dates

The Budweiser.ca Free Blue Jays Hoodie Apparel giveaway ends on May 31, 2021, at 11:59:59 or while supplies last.

Please hurry and redeem your codes, as supplies are limited and WILL go BEFORE the promotion’s end date!

Budweiser Promotion Entry Rules

The Budweiser.ca Blue Jays Hoodie promotion is open to Canadian residents who are of legal drinking age.

How to Claim The Free Budweiser Blue Jays Hoodie Gift

To get the free Blue Jays bonus gift, follow these steps:

  1. Buy a specially marked case of Budweiser beer
  2. find the unique pin code inside the box
  3. And go to the Budweiser Canada promotions page at www.budweiser.ca/BlueJaysHoodie
  4. Look for the Budweiser & Toronto Blue Jays Apparel Giveaway Banner
  5. Click on it and then register with your email, Province of Residence, Date of Birth and the PIN code
  6. Next, follow the instructions to redeem the pin for a choice of size and colour of your Blue Jays hoodie,
  7. You will be directed to Budweiser’s official Shop Gear page at www.shopbeergear.ca/pages to claim your gift

You are allowed to enter up to 10 PIN codes

Visit www.budweiser.ca/BlueJaysHoodie, and click here to redeem your pin codes.

Your free gift will in 8 to 10 weeks.

LIKE if you want to win this prize! Share so your friends can win too 🙂

LIKE if you want to win this prize!   Share so your friends can win too 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Budweiser.ca Free Blue Jays Hoodie & Apparel Giveaway

  • Entered all info and pin # on April 10,2021 to receive blue Jay hoodie,suppose to be 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. It is now August 4, and just read complaints from others for same thing, so now it seems certain no hoodie coming my way from Budweiser. Makes me wonder if there ever was truth in advertising? Certainly lots of evidence against it, very little evidence to support it.

  • Its been over a month still no hoodie not even notification glad im not a jays stink fan told the wife no hoodie and im not buying Budweiser go RED SOX

  • Unbelievable a company as large as Anheuser Busch would participate in such a misleading promotion as this. A blatant deception to the consumer does not sit well with me. In fact, I’m involved with a group of 15 pubs/bars in the GTA and seriously considering switching the draft taps and bottles over to Molson.

  • Running contests to encourage people to try your product is a great idea, but not being able to redeem a prize does more damage then good. Better to only put x number of cards in x number of cases and everyone that gets a card gets their prize.
    Everyone should know the odds up front.

    Hope to receive a reply to my message, this will speak to the professionalism of this company.


  • I was okd for my free hoodie apr 16 but have not received an email yet is it still being processedthank you for looking into this

  • Can’t seem to get into your site to enter a pin #.

    • can not get my pin# to enter

  • How do I apply for hoodie have code nu etc site is confusing

    • I can.t enter into code

  • What kind of contest are you running when people from Ont . is not on your list of the entry form I have 3 pin codes to enter but will not accept people from Ont. if thinge dont change I am switching to Molson Canadian

  • How come Ontario is not one of the provinces listed ?

  • i have a free sweaters with pin where do i enter my pin

  • how do i get in to register for hats

    • I gave all my info back in March before Covid19 happened. I PURCHASED two cases Budweiser and entered two times for a Blue Jays hoodie, and never received any or ever heard of if there was an issue other than the big elephant in the room! I understand that Labatts and everybody else has suffered through this but your still in business and I am out two Blue Jay hoodies. I would appreciate at least some corrispondance on this matter!

      • I did the same, still nothing! Some contest.


  • NFL hat

  • Did not ask for address or anything

    • I have a PIN number forT-shirt where do I apply it?

      • I have a pin code for a Toronto blue jays hoodie. Where do I enter it. I only see stuff about the nhl

        • I have a pin code for a free Toronto blue Jays Hoodie where do I enter it.

          • Angie Borcherding

            Hi Robert, please click the link above to redeem codes for your Budweiser hoodie

          • Entered contest April 14 no hoodie talk about false advertising will not but from this company again should be a class action lawsuit

      • I have a pin for free tee-shirt. Where do I apply it?

        • You can ship your beer here but not your hoodies guess what the blue jays home in Ontario that’s pretty sad you offer us a deal so we buy your stinkin beer than when we get it home we find out we can’t enter . Well shove your beer you know where I’ll buy something else next time and I’ll be sure to tell everyone in my golf and hockey leagues thanks for nothing ps can I send this comment I’m from

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