Budweiser Ca Blue Jays Giveaway: Free Bud Blue Jays t-shirt (pin code)

Budweiser Canada Blue Jays Contest 2022 at www.budweiser.ca/budbluejayst-shirt

Budweiser Canada Blue Jays Contest 2022  at www.budweiser.ca/budbluejayst-shirt

Budweiser Canada and the Toronto Blue jays have another cool giveaway for fans.

This summer buy participating Budweiser and enter your pin codes to win a free Blue Jays t-shirt, more below


Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Labatt Brewing Company Limited is giving away 40,000 prizes.

Each winner will receive a Budweiser and Team co-branded ¾ sleeve t-shirts, Choice of size, subject to availability.

The value of each Prize is $12 (CDN).

Promotion Dates:

Budweiser.ca/budbluejayst-shirt Promotion Dates:

The Budweiser Blue Jays t-shirt Contest starts on July 10th, 2022 and closes on October 1st, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

: There will be a random draw for the prize winners

Contest Entry Rules:
Contest Entry Rules:

The Budweiser Blue Jays Free t-shirt Contest is open to residents of Ontario, Canada.

You must have reached the legal drinking age in your province of residence to participate.

How to enter the Budweiser Bud Blue Jays t shirt Promotion

To participate in the Budweiser Bud Blue Jays giveaway

  1. buy participating cases of Budweiser with the Blue Jays shirt logo
  2. find your unique pin code inside the package
  3. then go to budweiser.ca/budbluejayst-shirt
  4. and complete the contest form

free entry, no purchase is needed

  • To receive a PIN without purchase, send a postage stamped envelope to “BUDWEISER ¾ SLEEVE SHIRT “, 180 Henri Dunant St., Moncton, NB, E1E 1E6. Limit one request per postage stamped envelope. Include your name, return mailing address, the statement “I am 19 years of age and a resident of Ontario” and your signature. Limit of 3 requests per week.

About Budweiser Canada and Toronto Blue Jays Giveaways

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