Budlight.ca Giveaway: Enter Pins for Free Tumbler & Hoodie Sweater

2021 BUD LIGHT Canada Giveaways at www. Budlight.ca

#budlight giveaway win free sweater prizes

Bud Light is back with a cool new freebie giveaway.

This month you may claim a free tumbler or hoodie sweater bonus gifts when you purchase select packs of Bud Light.

2021 Free Budlight.ca Tumbler giveaway

Budlight.ca 2021 TUMBLERS

Labatt Brewery is giving away branded Budlight tumblers in three colous, as seen in the image above

To get your free tumbler, go to WWW.BUDLIGHT.CA

Then enter your pin code

next choose your colour

complete the entry form with your full name and mailing address and click submit

The promotion is ongoing through SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 (PIN ENTRY DEADLINE), or while supplies last

< The Bud Light Apparel Hoodie Giveaway>  


Labatt Brewing Company Limited is giving away

50,000 Bud Light Apparel instant’ win prizes.

Each prize of a Bud Light Apparel is valued at $5 (CDN).

You may select one of the three sweaters. It appears the shirts come in the colours white, sky blue and medium blue.

The Prize (free bonus gift) will be mailed to winners


Budlight.ca Promotion Dates

The 2021 Budlight.ca Sweater Giveaway runs from February 15th, 2021 until June 30th, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

All #Budlight PIN Codes must be entered online no later than June 30th, 2021

Please note that prizes will only be shipped to addresses within Ontario. Unfortunatley it appears this offer is not available to other provinces.


Entry Details

The Bud Light Apparel Giveaway/Contest is open to Ontario residents who are 19 years of age and older.

To participate in the Bud Light Sweater Giveaway

  1. Visit your local beer stores, LCBO or grocery stores (Ontario) and
  2. look for specially marked 6 can or 24 cans of 473ml shrink packs of Bud Light. (the ones that carry the Sweater Apparel giveaway logo)
  3. find a unique winning Pin code inside these marked cases
  4. Next, visit the promotions page at www.budlight.ca
  5. select “Ontario” from the drop-down menu, enter your date of birth
  6. you will then be directed to the order page
  7. Enter your email, name and the pin code
  8. Then click “SUBMIT”

For a no purchase entry, follow these steps:

  1. send a postage stamped envelope to “Bud Light Ontario Apparel Contest” at 180 Henri Dunant St., Moncton, NB, E1E 1E6. to request a pin code, details in the rules at https://www.budlight.ca/ca_en/home.html

Go to www.budlight.ca, click here to enter

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37 thoughts on “Budlight.ca Giveaway: Enter Pins for Free Tumbler & Hoodie Sweater

  • Never got my sweat tops ordered 5 got only 2

  • I just purchased two – 6 X 473ml cans of BUD LIGHT. The packaging had the contest 1 in 3 chance to WIN A HOODIE. (NO WHERE DID IT SAY THE CONTEST DATES)
    I am trying to enter the pin code however, it will not give me the option to enter ONTARIO under the Province.
    All I want is a hoodie. I can send you proof of purchase if necessary.
    thank you
    Lana Gibson

  • never recieved my hoodies

    • I Never Received May Hoodie As Well.

  • try to redeem tumbler fill in date province keeps saying you got to be 19 takes me to useless site why put vocher in box

    • Why didn’t I receive any tumblers

  • Just purchased a 30 Pack of Bud Light July 13/21 from store in Mississauga. Box say get free Hoodie
    Got the card out of box and Pin Code reads (Redeem no later than June 30 2021
    What is up with that.

  • I entered my pin to receive my hoodie in mid MAY 2021. I still have not received it. I’m looking forward to receiving it – I just wondered when it was coming. I sent my address, etc. so hope it will come soon. I did receive a reply from Budweiser so please send it soon. Thank you.

    • Please follow the link above.
      It tells you to enter the pin code at budlight.ca.
      The link is above!

  • how long does it take to get your free hoodie im waiting for orders #807489 and #807467

    • Hi Jerry,


      So, it’s coming!

    • Can not open to enter pin🤷‍♀️

  • i registered a unique code for a free hoody several wks ago but never received why

    • NA-AQ4MWX-xxxxxF

      • Hi Alain, please click the link above and enter any codes at “Budlight.ca

  • If this promotion is open to Ontario residents only then the product should be sold in that province and not other parts for Canada. This policy will only upset customers and potentially result in sales reduction.Clearly this false advertising and labatts can and must do better. My next purchase will be in your competitions favour.

  • I did my pin and order a week ago last Saturday and already got my hoody and it very nice good job Bud Light Dean Steffler

  • I have a pin code but it won’t work how many numbers and letters of my pin code do I need

  • I love this beer…
    But to have false advertisement, eg. this contest that if we are not living in Ontario our pin code is invalid.
    Now that is so so wrong.
    Also yes I agree with make these hoodies or any other clothing giveaways a lot bigger.
    its pretty sad when my grandchildren fit any alcohol clothing that I have because they are too small on me. :{

    • I put un my code on may 17th and still never got my hoodie. I tried to email them back but the email won’t go through. Very sad. I was really looking forward to having the hoodie

      • Hi Joy,
        I checked the Budlight.ca website for the free hoodie giveaway and it reads: DUE TO EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND, ALL ITEMS WILL SHIP IN 10 TO 16 WEEKS. WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.”

        So, It looks like your hoodie will come, it’s just taking a “little” longer. up to 4 months, just in time for fall, 😉

  • How do you even know where to send the hoodie it never asked my mailing address.

  • After four tries – long and very frustrating ones – I received three new pins – which would not work as well – then I notice that you have to be in the province of Ontario- all the customer service agents knew I was not in that province and tried to enter me – so they obviously do not know that either – now, I happen to have a resident of Ontario visiting me – so he tried putting in his information and guess what — it wouldn’t accept any of the pins — Why would anyone put entry forms that are only restricted to one province in every provinces beer cartons???? I asked the agent why they couldn’t just take my info and send the hoodie -well, that would be too customer service orientated – so it has to be done on line ——-So I guess now for me 5 oclock will be Miller Time!!!!

  • The platform won’t accept the code you guys should send them free my email

    • Jack, please follow the link at http://www.budlight.ca to enter your code and make sure you are entering a correct email address



    • I think it may be hard to fit an xl large hoodie into a beer carton?
      Unless you remove the beer bottles 😉

    • Really??? Sooo many hoops to jump through for a free beer holder. And as I read the comments, I’m obviously not the only one having trouble with this promotion. Are you really sure you want my business???

      • Simply read the post and follow the links to enter the pins.
        we have explained all the steps above 😉

  • It will not accept the code I am entering saying it is incorrect. How can that be, I am beginning to think the contest is a hoax. It won’t even let me go to the chat option to talk with someone about it.

    • Me too!

  • Love the beer!!


    • I cannot get through to post my code.

      • I cant believe that the biggest sweater you give away is XL!
        Come on we drink beer should be 2x and 3x at least.

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