Blue Jays Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest: Win Baseball Swag & Shop gift card

Toronto Bluejays 2021 Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest

Want to win some Blue Jays swag?

The Toronto Blue jays are back with the Mystery Word Wednesday.

Listen for the scrambled Mystery word which will appear during the broadcast between the 4th and 6th innings.

Then unscramble the word for a chance to win a Blue jays Shop gift card and autographed Blue jays merch, details below

The Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest

Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership is giving away FIFTEEN Prizes, which are comprised of the following:

  • 7 X baseball autographed by a Blue Jays player
  • 4 X baseball bat autographed by a Blue Jays player
  • 4 X $500 Jays Shop gift card

Promotion Dates: Promotion Dates:

The Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest is now ongoing until September 30, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. ET and consists of fifteen entry periods.

One winner will be selected in a random drawing in each entry period, will be notified via phone and MUST respond within 2 days.

Contest Entry Rules:
Contest Entry Rules:

The Blue Jays Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest is open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec).

You must have reached the age of majority in your province of residence to participate.

How to enter the Contest 

To participate in the Mystery Word Wednesdays Contest

  • During each 2021 regular season baseball game, watch out for a series of scrambled letters “Scrambled Word(s)”) which will be displayed on screen or announced during the Baseball Game television broadcast, between the start of the top of the 4th inning and the end of the bottom of the 6th inning of the Baseball Game.
  • The Scrambled Word(s) will also be displayed at the official Contest webpage during the applicable Entry Period, located at
  • When you see the words, unscramble it to reveal the Mystery Word and visit
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter for the applicable Mystery Word of the day, with your full name, game date, mailing address, email, phone and complete the contest form
  • Then click “Submit”

Only one entry per person, per email, per entry period is allowed.

or go to here to enter

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  • I want to win the gift card for $500.00, Love the pharm, the staff are fantastic, I had a problem with my fruit wheel the summer b-4 the pandemic it was moldy I sent in a complaint, I received a email telling me that the manager would call me, well nothing.. no phone call, no nothing, I spent $11 something dollars for something I ended up tossing out waiting for the call that never came. I still shop at the Sobeys at Lacewood and I won’t stop because the Manager didn’t care to call. I like to think that maybe something was going on that caused him to never call. I think the staff are very good and polite. Something that’s very hard to come by these days. (I don’t by the fruit wheel anymore )

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